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Nokia Announces Nokia N79 Active

Nokia yesterday announced the Nokia N79 Active, which ships with the wireless Polar Bluetooth WearLink heart rate belt from Polar, the leading brand in sports instruments and heart rate monitoring. This healthy addition to the Nokia Nseries range is the perfect running companion. A-GPS tracking and a new version of the popular Nokia Sports Tracker

Nokia Develops Nokia Home Control Center

Nokia announced it is developing a smart home platform, Nokia Home Control Center. The platform is opening a new era for networked home services and solutions. Nokia’s Home Control Center will be the basis for next generation security, smart home solutions and household energy management systems. The platform is open allowing third parties to integrate

Get ready to Smash with Mega Monsters

Mega Monsters, the latest N-Gage game from Nokia Games Publishing, introduces players to the biggest monster smash on mobile. The result of a mad scientist combining his supply of adorable animals, a borrowed gene splicer and a surplus government nuclear reactor, each Mega Monster provides an evil blend of cute and killer. With the intuitive

Ghostwire Wins Mobile Games Innovation Challenge

Nokia revealed that Ghostwire, by A Different Game from Sweden, is the winner of the Mobile Games Innovation Challenge. Ghostwire is a casual collection and adventure game, where players use the unique features of the mobile device to communicate with the world of ghosts. Ghostwire also features an augmented reality-powered mini-game, where players can use