Gold IRA

Jun 15 2011 | Extra Posts | Sembarang

Are you looking for a good investment for your retirement? Don’t make mistake. Why don’t you choose gold for your individual retirement account (IRA) or gold 401k?

Why gold?

With the global economic environment, gold has become the number 1 alternative for IRA and gold 401k. You must know that gold IRA is the purest form of money. Also, governments can’t devalue it. That’s why it has survived every economy history has ever witnessed.

Currently, only two type of gold allowed by The United States government for IRA gold. They are Gold American Eagles and Gold proof American Eagles. Booth of them are instantly liquid.

For your gold IRA, you will receive a statement on a quarterly basis. You can also check it by online.

Don’t forget there are some fees for your gold IRA. First year annual IRA fee is $60 (waived) and annual IRA Storage Fee is $100.

For more information about gold IRA, you can contact Aurum Advisors at their Toll Free: 800-940-7793 or by phone: 310.556.9667.


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